A journey of 1000 days.Actually 1095!

Three years ago today I was told I had breast cancer. Three years…1095 days and a different life ago. Once you’ve been told you have cancer, your life really does change. All of a sudden everything you took for granted is no longer reliable. You are immediately faced with your own mortality…your future…and how long that future may be. I remember the anxiety of having to break the news to my Mother, who had just “beat” breast cancer herself and the almost paralyzing fear of having to tell my daughter that I too had breast cancer. All of a sudden, I was faced with a whole new set of priorities…mainly, ensuring I knew anything and everything about my cancer and what lay in store for me to beat it.

I immediately started researching and reading everything I could get my hands on. The internet and access to information was a blessing and a curse. So much that is written is either too clinical or too bizarre to absorb. People were sharing “home grown” remedies that promised to kill your cancer with a few good sips of some concoction handed down through the ages…thanks but no thanks. The medical journals talked about feeling “discomfort” after a mastectomy but promising I’d be as good as new in 4 to 6 weeks; which was just as far fetched as the “eye of newt” writings.

What I had a lot of trouble finding was real information from real women with whom I could relate to. I wanted to know the truth about what I was going to face…not a “don’t worry you’ll be fine” take on what was about to happen to me. I had so many feelings running through my head that I needed to keep them sorted. That’s when I decided to start this blog. I vowed to myself that I would be completely honest with everything that I was about to experience. The good the bad and the VERY ugly. I have kept that promise. I have shared both the physical and emotional journey I have been on; how it has affected me, my life, my family, my body, my mind and my spirit.

This blog has helped me deal with my journey and I truly hope it has helped others too. It humbles me that I receive many comments from women and men around the world that have come upon my blog and found something in my words that resonates with them. People have said to me that maybe I got cancer for a reason…in order to share my journey and help others. That is a lovely thought and of course I do want to help as many people who are facing this horrendous disease as possible….BUT there should never be a “reason” for someone to get cancer…or any other debilitating disease. That’s just not right. However, I will celebrate the fact that I have millions of readers now in 147 countries…and THAT gives me strength, a sense of purpose and a reason to stay as positive as possible while I continue to deal with the ramifications of breast cancer.

Some days, three years feels like an eternity and other times just a fleeting moment in time. I may not have reached the end of this journey but I know that I can take on anything that lies ahead. I’ve proved that to myself…for 1095 days and counting.


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President of As You Like It Marketing & Communications Inc. Award winning speaker and author. Breast cancer fighter and blogger. I’m sharing my journey…the good, the bad and the ugly. Hoping to help anyone else that has been touched by breast cancer be it you or someone you know or love.

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