You have a lot of gall…

I’ve been home recouping from the surgery I underwent on December 20th and enjoying time with my daughter and her husband who have come for Christmas. Yesterday I woke up not feeling well at all but chalked it up to maybe “over doing ” it a bit. By noon however I had such severe abdominal pains and vomiting that I was having trouble breathing. I was so consumed by the pain that I didn’t even know that my family had called 911 and there were five firemen /paramedics in my bedroom! I was hyperventilating (and no not because of the burly men) and was hovering in and out of consciousness. The next thing I knew I was being helped downstairs onto a stretcher and into an ambulance. My vitals were taken, I was put on an IV of morphine and gravol and driven to o hospital.

I was taken to trauma where I had a myriad of tests. I was apparently having an acute gall bladder attack. Attack is an understatement. It was an invasion of immense proportions. I was “admitted” to hospital but there were no beds so had to spend the night in trauma. And traumatic it was! Loud, noisy and kinda scary. My bed neighbor had overdosed on heroine, there were victims of car crashes all around me and more than a few patients who screamed all night. I have so much respect for the doctors and nurses who work so hard to help everyone who come through their doors.

I am now in a proper room and have met with the surgeon. I have a gall stone that has lodged itself in the tube that runs between your gall bladder and liver. That needs to be removed along with my gall bladder. Unfortunately they are done separately, so I am awaiting for time to come available for the two procedures. I will have to remain in the hospital until the surgery can be done. Fu#k!!!!

I was so excited that I was going into 2020 with “surgeries” behind me…and now it looks like I will be ringing in the New Year and decade from a hospital bed!

Things can only get better right? I mean soon I won’t have any more organs or body parts left to be removed.

How much does a gall bladder weigh anyway? I wanted to lose weight in 2020 so perhaps this is the kick start I needed!

Forgive me, but I’m trying to find something good about this situation…anything!?!


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President of As You Like It Marketing & Communications Inc. Award winning speaker and author. Breast cancer fighter and blogger. I’m sharing my journey…the good, the bad and the ugly. Hoping to help anyone else that has been touched by breast cancer be it you or someone you know or love.

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  1. Oh, Patti, I am so sorry to be reading this unfortunate comedy of errors in your surgery aftermath! I mean OMG!!! Prayers that your next surgeries will not cause you any further grief and hugs for a speedy recovery! Wishing you the best and happiest 2020!!!


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