I needed some time…I needed a cancer detox.

Sorry, I Don't Have Time For Cancer


I had to get away. I had to get away from cancer. I know that sounds weird. How do you get away from a disease that has consumed every waking minute of your life for over a year. But I did. I went off grid. Literally. I went to spend a week on a lake with no hydro, no running water, no cell reception, no nothing. It was wonderful. For the first time in a very long time I didn’t obsess about doctor’s appointments, prescriptions, surgeries…survival! For one week I went to bed when it got dark and woke up with the sun. I listened to loons calling each other. I watched in awe as a majestic bald eagle soared above me floating as if it was no effort at all. I saw a black bear saunter along the shoreline across the river looking for berries. I saw fish jump…

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President of As You Like It Marketing & Communications Inc. Award winning speaker and author. Breast cancer fighter and blogger. I’m sharing my journey…the good, the bad and the ugly. Hoping to help anyone else that has been touched by breast cancer be it you or someone you know or love.

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