Good things come to those who wait!


Yesterday I had my appointment at the pain clinic. I wasn’t receiving injections this time, but meeting with the surgeon to discuss how I was doing overall. They have tried to relieve some of the nerve pain in my legs which is getting worse by the day. Unfortunately without an MRI they can’t pinpoint what is causing this additional pain so the injections in my back have been hit and miss. We reviewed my medications and they recommended that I up my CBD capsules. I currently take two a day. They said I could take up to ten! As I’m not a fan of pills, I am going to try upping my dosage to three maybe four max. We discussed the fact that I can’t have an MRI until I have the tissue expanders removed April 25th. They decided to put in a requisition for an MRI now, with a note saying that the MRI can’t happen until after my surgery.

“This will give them a good laugh”, the surgeon said. “An MRI appointment takes months and months to get, so there’s no way it would happen before your surgery anyway!”

That was a little deflating, as all I could think of was the amount of time I will still have to deal with the pain in my legs as well as the pain the expanders are causing. That’s several more months of suffering with constant pain and no sleep. UGH.

I came home and started doing some work when I got a message from my reconstructive surgeon. I called back and got the answering machine. The message on the machine said “if you are a current patient please leave a message. If you are calling for a consult please know that the waiting list is 12 months and surgery dates are not available for two years.” Holy crap! I thought my wait was long but two years?!?!?! I left a message and waited anxiously for the call. Within minutes the surgeon’s office manager called.

“Hey, Patti. We have you on a cancellation list. Are you still interested in an earlier surgery date?” My heart almost leapt out of my mouth.

“Yes, oh please yes!” I exclaimed. “Do you have one available?”

“It’s short notice, but yes, we can get you in February 11th if that works”

I felt like I’d won the lottery. Of course I was available. Nothing could be more important to me than this! She gave me the details of my pre-op appointment for next Friday and the time I have to be at the Juravinski hospital on the Monday.

“Now it says here that you are having silicone implants. You do know that the largest size is just under 800cc’s.”

“Yes that’s correct”, I responded.

“I see from your records that you have 1000cc’s in each expander. Why did they expand you so much? You must me in agony! Oh, Patti, you are going to feel soooooo much better after they make the switch”

I thought I was going to cry. Finally someone who seemed to understand what I had been feeling and someone who was giving me some reassurance that this pain will not be with me forever. The wait was finally over. I have nine days to prepare for the surgery. Although not as intense as the first surgery, this one will still be “major”. The incisions from the mastectomy will be reopened, the expanders will be removed, my hematoma will be dealt with and hopefully the bulge under my arm can be removed too. If not, I will have to have another surgery down the road. Fingers crossed it can all be rectified on the 11th.

I’m now madly rescheduling other appointments and meetings and making lists of all the things I will need to have in place for the after math of the surgery. At least I know what to expect…and have all the paraphernalia from my mastectomy surgery. I will have a 4 week recovery if all goes well and then it will be several months before the implants “settle” into place but the end of this journey is now in sight. I have a renewed energy. I have a new focus. And as strange as this may sound, I am looking forward to this surgery more than I have looked forward to anything in a long time. February 11th is fast and approaching and it can’t come soon enough for me!


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President of As You Like It Marketing & Communications Inc. Award winning speaker and author. Breast cancer fighter and blogger. I’m sharing my journey…the good, the bad and the ugly. Hoping to help anyone else that has been touched by breast cancer be it you or someone you know or love.

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  1. Patti, I believe miracles do happen!! And I am so happy for you. You are surrounded by lots of love and you are never alone !
    Lots of love and hugs, Barb and Jean


  2. Hello Patti….I have read each and every one of your blogs and I am so very happy for this latest one. I can only imagine how excited you must be!! You are a warrior girl!!
    Wishing you the very best. Love, Suzanne & Perry xo


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